SalesPreso for Wealth

The new Statement of Advice.
Integrated. Automated.

Transforming the client experience; automating
the creation of beautiful, interactive, compliant
Statements of Advice, in seconds.

Integrated with your client
data in XPLAN and external data
sources. Securely cloud-hosted.
Delivered in person and online.

The future of advice: Advice presentation

SalesPreso for Wealth integrates with IRESS XPLAN to seamlessly deliver
a digital-first, data-driven, interactive SoA.

Hand touching screen

To be effective, advice professionals know they need
to communicate in a manner which is engaging, ensures
that the discussion is memorable, builds trust and,
most importantly, persuades the client to take action.

SalesPreso is a mature platform specifically developed to support the delivery
of world-class, compliant presentations which exploit the rich data captured
within the company’s CRM.

The SalesPreso + XPLAN solution has developed from the need to address three common demands from advisory businesses:



SalesPreso for Wealth will deliver a client SoA on demand, with 'guided advice' to underpin the compliance process.

What currently takes hours or days can be created in seconds, due to a 2-way integration with XPLAN, Salesforce, MyProsperity and other relevant data sources.



SalesPreso for Wealth is the only platform that can deliver both sides of the compliance solution.

Automatically mandates that only the correct, compliant, up-to-date SoA content is presented and shared with clients.

Tracks advisor and client viewing of content. If challenged over advice given, advisors can access a complete record of how advice was delivered and received; who has seen which individual slides and for how long.



Advice delivered through SalesPreso for Wealth is visual, data-driven, animated and interactive.

SoA presentations have live filters, calculators, modelling tools, editable content and digital signatures to create a genuinely engaging client experience. SoAs can be 100% digital and printed. There are no more ugly Word of PDF documents.

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