SalesPreso partner network


for customer success

The SalesPreso partner network is a growing
group of select companies that work individually
or together to ensure the success of our customers
in developing and deploying the SalesPreso
customer experience platform.

Partners are innovative, experienced companies that put the customer at the
centre of every project.

They work with us to expand market awareness, implement leading-edge sales/advice enablement projects and establish SalesPreso as the world's premier customer experience platform for sales/advice engagement across a broad and growing customer base.

Partners are SalesPreso platform advocates who can refer or resell our SaaS software, and/or can implement the essential services of a SalesPreso solution:

  • Transformation consultancy,
    strategy and planning
  • Technical implementation,
    systems integration
  • Digital content services,
    design and development.

Start increasing revenues and building profitability within the demanding sales/advice enablement marketplace.

SalesPreso provides the opportunity to
enhance and differentiate partner products
and services—and gain an edge
on competitors.

Together with our partners, we are helping
to lead the enormous shift in customer sales/advice engagement.

Become a trusted partner of the SalesPreso Team—together we can achieve great results.

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