SalesPreso enables enterprise leaders to embed
customer experience at the heart of their digital
transformation, radically improving productivity,
consistency, engagement and visibility.

Aligning technology with sales
and marketing spend to deliver
real business outcomes.

SalesPreso enables sales and marketing optimisation
through productivity improvements


in sales productivity

SalesPreso automation ensures salespeople and
advisors no longer lose time to repetitive preparation
tasks, ensuring first-mover advantage and greater time
for customer engagement and strategic preparation.


in marketing productivity

SalesPreso analytics and collaborative content process ensure marketers no longer create content that salespeople and advisors fail to find or use.


in CRM utilisation

SalesPreso two-way integration with CRM automates repetitive administration tasks, updating activities against leads, opportunities and accounts.


in training time

SalesPreso content enables streamlined training support, reducing new sales and advisor onboarding time.

SalesPreso enables winning customer experiences
through customisation and interactivity


in customer satisfaction

SalesPreso delivers customer relevance and engaging interactive customer experience, driving preference, conversion and satisfaction.


in customer coverage

SalesPreso productivity gains translate to increased market and customer coverage.

SalesPreso enables growth through increased revenue


in revenue

SalesPreso ensures more time for salespeople
and advisors to grow customers through
meaningful engagement.

  • Process optimisation, reducing sales
    cycles and increasing deal value
  • Business optimisation through
    productivity improvements
  • Increased cross-sell, up-sell and customer
    lifetime value through automated
    content recommendation.

The combined effect is more efficient, more effective sales engagement and an awesome customer experience.

MYOB - “SalesPreso delivers
value in every interaction we
have with our customers, our
sales teams have loved it.”

MYOB is an Australian multinational
corporation that provides tax, accounting
and other services to small and medium

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