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Shortlisted ‘Innovator of the Year’ for the REB Awards 2020.

SalesPreso client, Jellis Craig has been named a finalist in the REB Awards as ‘Innovator of the Year’

The Jellis Craig ‘Live Listing Presentation’, powered by the SalesPreso platform, has been shortlisted for these prestigious awards.

This sequel to our news in October 2019: SalesPreso + Jellis Craig boost innovation efforts in the real estate sector represents a great success story for the partnership.

The objective of the project was to deliver a real estate industry-first; transforming the customer experience and differentiating the Jellis Craig brand in the market.

The outcome is a live digital sales-interface between Jellis Craig agents and its clients. This interface enables the business to present a more consistent and cohesive story to vendors; and creates a home for their burgeoning data to live, grow, and critically, be put to work in front-line sales.

The problem, the traditional listing presentation is the least innovative part of the property sales experience. Traditionally, agents rely on dated, generic printed materials that don’t deliver true differentiation for their brand or the vendor. Jellis Craig recognised an opportunity to reinvigorate the process by reinventing the format.

The solution represents the most data-driven, interactive, automated content in the market. It is designed to help agents win more listings, provide a unique experience tailored to an individual property; and to educate vendors to recognise a true leader in the market, and Jellis Craig as a digital innovator.

We have seen a step-change which has transformed our business operations and put our vendor experience into a class of its own.”

Jellis Craig.

The REB Awards

The Real Estate Business Awards, with Principal Partner ListReady, showcases the industry’s most prestigious accolades recognising excellence across the entire real estate industry. The awards pinpoint professional development and innovation, showcasing both the individuals and firms which are leading the way in the industry.

The finalist list, which was announced over several weeks beginning on 1 June 2020, features over 287 high-achieving real estate professionals across 33 submission-based categories. 

“The finalists for the REB Awards 2020 represent those at the top of their game.”

Ms Ryan.