SalesPreso is enterprise scale business software,
built for customisation and integration.

The SalesPreso platform delivers a complete enterprise sales presentation
solution, covering…


The creation of world-class sales stories, integrated with big data and CRM. Training and support programs that ensure performance.

One platform

Purpose built for field and
phone sales users. Integrated with existing systems and processes. Detailed analytics
to measure success.


Feature development for specific business needs. SaaS platform with the tools and flexibility to create a unique solution.

“SalesPreso acts at once as the control and distribution
platform for messaging and our most dynamic sales resource,
as each slide in our ever growing and evolving story can
be fed by our own rich data and insights.”

–  Global online advertising client, 2014  –

Enterprise Integration

SalesPreso is designed for enterprise integration with existing systems and processes.

  • CRM
  • BI
  • Management
  • Pricing
  • Data
  • Fulfillment
  • Asset

We’re helping Australia’s leading enterprises tell their best sales stories, every time.
Let us help you find your story.

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