SalesPreso is data-driven storytelling, delivering consistent,
customer-relevant presentation content.

The SalesPreso approach answers three common sales challenges
for enterprise businesses…


Business sales stories are interpreted by individual salespeople. Content is too often cobbled together from different divisions and eras, and presented in a mix of formats.


Sales presentation content is usually static, generic and instantly out-of date. Customer data has to be manually sourced and used to update individual presentations.


Sales behaviour and content effectiveness is not supported with meaningful analytics. The opportunity is missed to learn from the best salespeople, and to inform training and new content.


SalesPreso finds your stories, unlocks the secrets
of your best salespeople and creates a new
standard for your whole sales force.

  • Controlled by the business
  • Delivered consistently

Creation of world-class sales stories

A marketing-led, sales-driven, world-class representation of your company, products and services.

Controlled by
the business

A software platform designed for centralised control and distribution.

Delivered with

Training so that everyone—from your juniors to your hot-shots—knows how to tell your best story, every time.


Salespeople simply choose their
customer to generate highly relevant
sales decks.

  • Automatically personalised
  • Integrated with CRM


Every presentation is customer specific and personalised, through integration with CRM and other systems.

and instant

Sales stories are always current, accurate and relevant, without the legwork.

sales automation

Enterprise integration leveraging big data and third platform transformation.


SalesPreso delivers analytics that drive
change through user, content and
customer tracking.

  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Truly insightful

Understand your
winning salespeople

See which content and approach they take. Gain the insights to develop sales methods.

Understand your
winning content

See which content resonates with customers. Gain the insights to evolve sales stories.

Know what

Meaningful insights into your most successful sales campaigns.

We’re helping Australia’s leading enterprises tell their best sales stories, every time.
Let us help you find your story.

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