Are you telling your
best sales story,
every time?

Our methodology and platform;
for your best sales stories, every time.

World-class presentations, controlled by the business,
automatically personalised, and tracked for success.

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Our content creation methodology;
for your world-class sales stories.

Interactive, data-driven sales stories that create
a new standard for the whole sales force.

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Our enterprise presentation platform;
for automatic customer relevance.

Built for integration with CRM and big data, your sales stories
are automatically current, accurate and customer-focused.

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SalesPreso was created for enterprise businesses
with large sales teams to…

Create their best,
most relevant
sales stories

Guarantee they’re
told consistently
and accurately

Ensure they’re told
to more customers,
more often

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21 hours less
per week

creating customer presentations

–  on average, as reported by SalesPreso clients  –

Less time creating presentations means more time talking to customers,
delivering greater coverage and increased sales performance.

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“We had 500 versions of our story being presented,
maybe more. The truth is, we really had no idea.
Now we have one consistently great story being
told to every customer in a relevant way

—and we can see it.”

–  Major media client, 2015  –

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We’re helping Australia’s leading
enterprises tell their best sales
stories, every time.

Let us help you find your story.

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